Seeking Death While Not Terminally Ill

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final exodus blog July 20, 2014More often than you would suppose, elderly people seek to die even though they are not terminally ill. Does the right to die include such people?   If so, is there a way to achieve it?

This was the topic at the conference of the World Federation of Right to Die Societies held in Chicago this month (September 18-20, 2014).

I should point out that elderly people can have serious, chronic illnesses but are not terminal (expected to die in six months).   It is not unusual for such people to live years after the onset of such maladies, often in misery. So it is not surprising that these folk are ready to obtain self-deliverance.

And there are others with only the usual old-age problems — weakness, loss of balance, minor memory problems, etc.  — who seek to leave this world.   They say their life is fulfilled and no longer useful.  They get no enjoyment from living.

Can these people get help?  Yes.  There is an organization, SOARS, in England whose goal is to give such people information.  It also is trying to get a broad understanding that there are such people who want to die. SOARS stands for Society for Old Age Rational Suicide (

The PAD laws (physician assisted death) laws in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and even the Netherlands are not available to these people.  They are not terminal.  There is one place to go where physician assistance is available, and that is Switzerland.  But in all four of these jurisdictions, the doctors only prescribe the lethal drugs.  The person seeking death must be competent legally and must be able to take the medications on their own.

Are there other solutions?  Yes.  These are non-physician solutions; that is, they are do-it-yourself options.  There are three generally accepted choices:  SED (Stopping Eating & Drinking) (basically self-impose dehydration), inhaling helium, and prescription drugs.   These methods are described in books and videos many of which are listed in the References sections of my website (  The most recent are two books by Boudewijn Chabot, Taking Control of Your Death (SED method) and A Way to Die (the other two methods).  They can be obtained from Amazon.


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