Compassion & Choices – A leading nonprofit committed to helping people have the best death possible.  Free counseling, planning, referrals, guidance. No Forms.  Also active in many states lobbying for better end-of-life laws.

American Bar Association/Commission on Law and Aging.  The American Bar Association’s Commission on Law and Aging has an excellent advance directive form that is usable in most states. Remember, when executing (making legal) an advance directive your state’s rules must be followed. See Finalization for more information.

The ABA has a special page for agents/proxies:  Making Medical Decisions for Someone Else – A How-to Guide:

Coalition for Compassionate Care of California –  Good information, a workbook, and several advance directive forms, including a simple one.

Center for Practical Bioethics –  A very good workbook with a particularly enlightening page on Eating and Drinking including alerts about artificial feeding and IV (intervenes) fluids.  Advance health care directive form included.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization –  It’s focus is hospice care – improving care at the end of life.  It’s Caring Connections website contains advance directives for each state.

Final Exit Network – Core mission is to provide information, education, and emotional support and comfort to competent adults in their own self deliverance from intolerable suffering.   It does not provide means to end one’s life, nor actively assist in a person’s death.  But it does passively assist.  Replaces the defunct national Hemlock Society.  A few local Hemlock Societies continue, namely in  Illinois, Florida, and San Diego (just Google them).

Aging with Dignity  This non-profit organization produces the Five Wishes form.  The web site has other useful information. Catholics may find it particularly appropriate, as it makes a subtle distinction between knowing that an action will cause death (ok) vs. intending death (not ok).    Free forms.

Caring Advocates  Dr. Stanley Terman’s website.  He has two books in listed in the Books & Articles  resource page.

Legacy Writer  This site has nice, concise instructions, and forms for California, with options, easily filled in on-line, then printed.  Basic cost is $20.




Bill Simmons does not endorse or warrant the efficacy of the forms contained in some of the sources listed above.  They present various points of view.  Some of these resources are also intentionally mentioned in Organizations and Books & Articles.

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