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Much has been written the past few years on end of life issues, especially with regard to the issue of the “modern” process of dying. Modern in the sense that thousands of medical advances that didn’t exist 10 or more years ago keep us alive for months, even years, beyond what used to be.

Our resources are divided into four groups:

Books & Articles. This includes magazine articles too. Most of these books and articles contain stories about end-of-life situations that went bad, leaving the survivors distraught. Most of them give suggestions about how to prevent such tragedies. Some of the books are “how to” manuals, and can be identified by the descriptions given.

Movies & Videos. There are some very good movies about people proceeding through the last stages of life.

Organizations. These are more than websites. These organizations have staff, and have members or large donor lists. They all have a particular point of view.  The websites they have are usually very robust. Some of them have workbooks for you. Some have suggestions on how to start and conduct conversations.  If you have time, poke around in them. There’s a lot more information in them than can be presented here.

These resource pages are in no sense complete. There will be additions from time to time.

Indeed, you can help improve them. If you know of a book, article, movie, video, or on-line web page that you think should be added, please let us know via Contact Us. We reserve the right to include your suggestion or not.

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