Final Exit Network Pickets AARP Convention!

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Here is guest blogger, Ms. Faye Girsh, President of the Hemlock Society of San Diego, to tell you all about it:

The Final Exit Network is a ten year old not for profit national organization with a mission to provide information and support to its members who may be suffering unbearably from a terminal or chronic condition and are considering how to end their lives peacefully. It serves anyone in the U.S..  Exit Guides are sent to the home and can be present when death occurs though no physical assistance of means of death are provided

AARP is purportedly an organization serving seniors (though they continue to lower the age of membership; it is now 50.) Since aging inevitably leads to death one would think they would be concerned not with just the good life but also with a good death. Accordingly, the Final Exit Network said they would like to rent a booth at their conference in San Diego (Sept 3-6). But AARP said NO. The reasons are vague.

Checking with other right-to-die organizations I found that senior groups, like AARP, welcome these organizations all around Europe. This is not the first time our organization, and its predecessor, The Hemlock Society, were turned down by this cheerful, enthusiastic, group where all old people are productive, happy and healthy.

Apparently death is an unpleasant topic and that’s a no-no. This time the Network took to the streets (well, the sidewalk in front of the Convention Center) with picket signs, T-shirts and handouts telling AARP members that “AARP doesn’t talk about dying but we will” and declaring that “Death with dignity is the ultimate civil right.” Maybe the “retired persons” whom this organization reportedly serves will let them know that a good death is a concern to them. Maybe they will un-join this ultra-cheerful old people’s group until they become more realistic.

Faye Girsh
Senior Advisor, Final Exit Network

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