Bishop Spong on our health care system

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From time to time  retired Episcopalian Bishop Spong leaves the pulpit and expounds is views on current issues.  This week it was the U.S.  health care system.    The article appears to be carefully researched.   It is contains the best expose I’ve ever read of our dysfunctional medical system, why it is so, and about other systems that are superior.  I was really pleased to see that he tackles the high cost of care in the last months of our lives, and to see him say that our system has to stop paying for merely extending the dying process a few days or weeks.

Few of us want to talk about the end-of-life health issues, or about the extreme cost to Medicare in extending dying the dying process.  But we should, we must, and Spong and I do.

I hope everyone reads the Bishop’s essay:



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