Best ever on physician assisted dying (PAD)

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Mother Jones magazine may not be the place you’d expect to go to learn about California’s new law on PAD, but it is not only a good place to go, it is the best place. The title is:

“My Right to Die – Assisted Suicide, my family, and me”:

The link is:

Kevin Drum writes about a man with bone cancer, Kendrick Brinson, and Kendrick’s wife’s father, Harry, a physician, who inhaled helium to end his life because there was no PAD law at the time.

Along with these two men’s stories, you will learn about the history of PAD, especially in California, the formidable opposition to PAD, and the limits of PAD.

It is a long blog, but it is so well researched and written that I am not going to try to summarize it.

I urge you to read it all, long though it may be.


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