While there is no rigid form you must use in the content of your advance directive (living will with health care power of attorney), there are requirements for making it final.  These are:  you you must sign it, date it, and have the document witnessed or notarized.   As to witnesses and notarization, unfortunately each state’s requirements are different – there is no uniformity.

The California form can be found at:

Except as noted above or below, Final Exodus does not attempt to give you each state’s requirements.  The best solution to this problem is to check with an attorney in your state.

Here are two websites were you can find each state’s requirements:

Compassion & Choices 

Caring Connections

Another source gives you links to each state’s forms:  American Bar Association’s Commission on Law and Aging

From these sources you will get the entire state form, that is, the substantive provisions which you can change, and the execution or finalization provisions, which you cannot.   Stated differently, you can use the Final Exodus form, but you must have it witnessed or notarized as your state requires.

Exception:  The American Bar Association says that in these states, the state form must be used:  Indiana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin.


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